What is the plural of Lexus?




N x Lexus

If you’re talking the car, it’s Lexuses. Why would it be anything else?

Lexii :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not Latin, so it’s Lexuses.

So how come only Greeks and Romans get to make their plurals in some interesting way? Whoever made up Lexus ought to get their own choice on plural. Lexea, Lexii, whatever they want. It’s our language, damnit!


Dictionary: n, A record of a moment in the history of a language, often confused by pedants for a rule book.

The Car Talk guys think it is derived from Latin:

The plural of Lexus is cars.

A Lexus.

And another Lexus.

Repeat as necessary.


If you have to ask, you can’t afford them!


I write and edit one of their in-house magazines, and one of the rules is that you never change the brand name under any circumstances.

Another kinda-sorta rule (as in I can break it once or twice if I’m quoting one of the top executives, but not in my own writing) is to not use the word Lexus as a noun unless you’re referring to the company or the brand. The thing with four wheels and an engine is a vehicle. If you need to be more specific, it’s a Lexus vehicle, or a GS (or whatever other model you mean). I sometimes see the word ‘automobile’ used, but never ‘car’. The plural is ‘Lexus vehicles’, never “Lexuses” or any other spelling change. Similarly, I would write “The ES had sales of 20,000 units last year,” rather than “20,000 ESs were sold last year.”

For possessives, Lexus’ is borderline acceptable, but it’s preferable to either be more specific (“The Lexus brand’s…”, “The Lexus Corporation’s…,”) or adjust the content to avoid that construction altogether (“The seats used by Lexus are…”).

It is not an ancient Latin word, so it pluralizes with a “S”. kunilou & pulykamell are correct.

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Lexus cars, maybe? Lexus models?

Definitely Lexii :smiley:

I think the plural is “lexuses”, but when I do a Google search on that I find pages on the Lexus ES. I think the Lexus corporation is trying to trick us.

This board is great. I was thinking “well, that’s a borderline GQ”, and then somebody (who actually works for Lexus) shows up and gives us a real GQ answer. Bravo!

Screw what Lexus says.