What is the point of word salad spam with no link?

In researching various things through google I’ve noticed some weird spam on comments and forums, the latest time I noticed it was for a medicine brand name(not viagra or cialis BTW) where there were thousands and thousands of places on the internet where nonsensical word salad spam? with no link was posted.

It was actually very annoying because it pollutes the search results and makes it hard to dig through 8 pages just to find actual results.

What is the point of this? There is no website name or link in the word salad, what does this accomplish?

The word salad gets around word filters and some places don’t allow posting links until reaching a post threshold.

The search engines still pick up the key words.


Sometimes the links are there but hidden.

Sometimes it’s because the target filters out links as a crude (and obviously ineffective) means of stopping spam.

Sometimes it’s because they post a link-free version first, then edit the posts later, to circumvent crude spam filters.

Sometimes it’s a form of probing, to detect which forums and blogs lack spam protection.

Sometimes their spambot is broken.

PS if you PM me links to examples I may be able to give a specific answer.