What is the polite way of saying no to Jehovah Witness?

Or to anyone one who wants to talk to you about their religion despite being uninterested?
What if they keep asking, “Why Not” or continue to insist that you listen. How would you handle it?

After politely saying “Sorry, not interested,” close the door.

That usually works.

  1. Determine if caller is JW.

  2. Quickly strip down to underwear, then get cold beer from fridge.

  3. Answer door wearing same; ask JW if they’d “like a cold one while we talk.”

Worked fine for me.

Yep. I just used to say, “I already have my own faith and I’m not interested in yours. Thank you.” And promptly close the door on them.

The OP has the answer in their screenname.

“No, thank you for stopping by, but we’re not interested,” always works for me. Of course, if I don’t know who might be at the door, I look out my window instead of answering the door. I find the distance and window between me and them makes it terribly easy to call out politely, then shut the window and walk away, instead of backing up (a defensive move) and trying to close the door without catching a foot.

This is harder when you are not at home and can’t close the door. Generally after the first, “No, I am not interested, thank you.” they get the hint. If they still continue to pester you say something like, “I am perfectly happy with my faith/religion and I would appreciate it if you would stop trying to convert me.” If that doesn’t work (and generally it does because most people are not ballsy enough to say something so honest and forward so it shocks them) a loud, forceful, “NO I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU!” and walking away will embarrass them enough to make them move on to the next potential convert.

“I’m Jewish.”

My Jewish friends tell me that’s all it takes, the JWs respectfully back away much faster than for any other excuse.

I can’t bring myself to lie in such a way, but I’ve never had to. I don’t get a lot of hassle from JWs, because of my inaccessible front door and my (red) pit bull.

I tried that with Baptists once, and they started in on how I needed to be saved. The last time JWs came to my door, I said “No thanks, this is a devout atheist household” and they ran like the devil was on their tails. Never came back.

Not sure why you want to be polite. I don’t harass strangers, and I feel no need to be polite to those who will not extend the same courtesy to me.

This probably won’t work, but I want to say to the next person who asks me if I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savior:
“Jesus who? Sorry, not sure I know who you’re talking about.”
As I said, I imagine that would only encourage them to go on and on about what a swell guy JC is, but I think it’d be funny to play ignorant about the whole Christian thing.
“Sorry, man, I just moved in from out of town, so I’m not real hip to the locals.”

You could run after them half naked screaming a battle cry while weilding a sword. Not the most polite but funny as hell.

My search-fu has failed me. Anyone know what thread I’m talking about?

I agree. I do not answer the door unless I am expecting someone. My friends consider this quirky, but they are my friends and they like me in spite of my few odd behaviours.

Sometimes there are little kids with them. Now I highly disapprove of doing this to kids, but the fact that they are setting a very bad example IMO for the kids doesn’t mean I need to follow suit. At these times I am always polite, as I want the kid to see that people who don’t believe aren’t hell-bound satan worshipers. Or if we are, at least we’re civil about it.

lol :smiley:

I agree, you wouldn’t want to reinforce the idea that, “Non-believers are simply rude”, in kids

Two wrongs, and all that. There’s just no need to be rude when being polite works, and I feel a lot better about myself for the next 10 minutes if I’m the better person. Than I forget all about it.

This posting on Best of Craigslist should give you all the answers you need. It involves the cops and lots of blood, and is freaking hilarious.

Because they’re members of the human race?

I just tell them, “no thanks, I’m busy” as I slowly close the door. They’re not going to stick their foot in it.

Simple… say “Sorry such discussions are not my cup of tea.”

If they start haranguing you, just say, “Sorry, it just isn’t my cup of tea”
Then “Sorry, that just isn’t my cup of tea”
Then " Sorry"
Then stone faced silence.

If they keep bugging you pick up their holy book, then hand it to them saying “Not my cup of tea”

If they don’t get the hint hurl it at them Screaming “NOT MY TEA!”

If they finally stop good, if not jump up and down on their holy book screaming “TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” at the top of your lungs.

Eventually they’ll give up trying to convince you.