What is the proper word for a book cover picture.


What is the proper word for a book cover picture. I don’t see the word very often but some authors do use it. I look forward to you your feedback.

Do you mean the image on the dust jacket or the cases in which some image is printed or embossed on the boards of the cover itself? I’m not remembering any specific word for either but that might help others.

Decorations on leather bindings are called tooling, so that’s another possibility.

The picture on the dust jacket.

Cover art or cover image is all I can think of.

There is a technical term for it. I’ve only come across it once in a recently.


A frontispiece is not on a book cover - it’s an illustration in the front matter, usually on the reverse of the half-title, facing the full title.

The frontispiece isn’t the cover picture. It’s a picture on the page of the book facing the title page. The Wikipedia article has examples.

Actually the frontispiece refers to the artwork on the page opposite the title page of the book…not the cover art.

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Thanks everyone. Very helpful

Oh! And the frontispiece is actually the picture on the page right before the title page.

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“The Age of Wonder” by Richard Holmes uses the term.