What Is The Purpose of Flashing Your Breasts For Beads?

I don’t understand what the thrill is for women at Mardi Gras to flash to get beads. The beads are worth pennies for crying out loud. When did this “tradition” start?

I’m sorry, but I have not kept abreast of this current trend.

Flash your breasts for enough beads and you can get a nice piece of real estate. I’ve heard it doesn’t take many beads to be able to buy Manhattan. Flash 'em once or twice and you can probably get a nice piece of property in a less desirable location.

The beads are only there to provide these women with a convenient excuse for doing what they want to do anyway- get everybody’s ATTENTION.

I agree completely. They should be flashing for free. Why are people so greedy?


Feh—tell that to the gift shop owners during the off-season. :wink:

I was just reviewing the figures and it looks like next years boobs are forecast at an all time high of 1 Baccadi and 1 common green set of beads.

Getting on the Bat (shaped) phone to Alan Greenspan now.

The point is to go home with the most/best beads.

That means you are the most desirable women at Mardi Gras!
Don’t you want to be wanted?

Ok they do it to make me happy. ME and ONLY ME! I gave her those beads as a thank you becasue SHE was overcome with a diesire to show me her ta-tas.

So tell us Isabelle what do you consider a fair and equitable payment? :wink:

“to be able to buy Manhattan”

Do you think Manny knows that?

I believe it started during parades when a quick flash of the ol’ ta tas would result in the “barer” getting tons of beads, cups, and other throws.

This is a serious (yet tangential) question:

Isabelle, have you ever been to a New Orleans Mardi Gras? Or just seen it on TV?

Public Nudity is fun.

Between this and the other thread she started on Jessica Lynch’s topless photos, I’m wondering what’s on Isabelle’s mind.


I dunno, when I was flashing my knockers, it was so I could get lots of beads to give to my male companions so they could entice women who were more attractive than me to flash them a nice view.


Everytime this question comes up i’m reminded of an old Kids in the Hall sketch (paraphrased):

guy: im looking for a hooker with a heart of gold
hooker 1: you must be looking for suzy down the street
hooker 2: dont let her give you a freebie though! poor girl has to make money sometimes
hooker 1: yeah, otherwise she’d just be a slut…

Would you sleep with me for a million dollars?
Why yes, I would.
Would you sleep with me for five dollars?
What kind of woman do you think I am!?!
Madam, we have already established that, we are now merely haggling over price.

Is your objection of a similar nature? If not, why did you have the value of the beads in the OP? If the people driving down the street were tossing gold coins worth $500 to anyone who flashed their breasts, would it make a difference? If so, why?


Oh, I’d like to add that Mardi Gras usually involves copious amounts of alcohol.

It’s fun. I’m a guy, with no breasts, and what I have below the waist can hardly be seen at eye level, much less a balcony. But baring some naughty bits for some plastic beads from somebody I’ll never shake hands with is a lot more fun than whipping out the mini-monster in general public and being thought of as a slut at best or being slapped (or arrested) at worst.

People who flash for beads aren’t flashing for the beads. They flash for a “socially acceptable” excuse to flash and have some fun. The beads are a bonus. It’s a party. Parties are supposed to be fun. Getting cheap beads for showing some skin, fun. Winning a game of Trivial pursuit, less fun, and not as interesting a story. A girl with a 10 pound rack of beads after Mardi Gras is someone I want to hang with. She’s not hung up on PC crap.