What is the purpose of undergarments?

Really - what’s the point? I mean apart from having clean underwear in case you get in an accident…

Well, it lets you rewear your outerwear for more days than you’d want to in their absence.

Well, historically, of course, they were used to protect your clothes. Outer wear wasn’t washed that often. Both because laundry was a pain and because clothing was very expensive. So wear something cheaper and easily-laundrable underneath to catch all the sweat.

Now, in the developed world? It’d be just guesses from me. Bras are easy - support and nipple-coverage (to a degree). Boxers aren’t so good for support for men, but some other underwear is. Also, some fabrics aren’t ones you want your nether regions against.

I try and get three to five days out of a pair of jeans and two days out of work shirts. I don’t wear the same shirt two days in a row but hang it on a hook in my closet.

I don’t like to be all flopping around, so I wear boxer-briefs to stop that.

I wear the bra just because it feels good.

It protects my outer clothes from being contaminated by the smelly parts, so I can wear the outer clothes longer without washing. Also, it is currently winter, and it protects Mr. Happy from the chill.


The poll should have allowed multiple answers. There are multiple reasons, relating to comfort, cleanliness, convenience, and modesty.

FCM, you kill me.:slight_smile: what a question. I voted on the “why would you ask such a question?”
There must be a back story here. Spill.
Personally I think women’s underwear was invented by a mean hateful man. I hate it all. But bras send me into fits. I’ve never owned one that is comfortable. Or that fit right. I only wear them if I have to. I dont know how women endured corsets and girdles. There should be a special place in hell for who ever invented those.

Protects outerwear to some extent from skidmarks, leaks, monthlies, spontaneous emissions, and worse things.

And yes, as a doctor I have discovered there are worse things.

I would imagine chafing would be part of it as well. Have clothes rubbing back and forth over your squishy bits and they’re going to be raw. This way the clothes rub on your underwear.

Kinda like putting a bandaid over a blister.

Based on various conversastions I’ve had over the years with the women I know, I think it would be safe to replace the word “underwear” in the above paragraph with “clothing,” generally.

Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

There’s a suggestion in another thread that underwear may be used in the wrangling of firearms whilst at stool:


However, I went with the majority.


It keeps stuff from flopping around.

I wish, in warm weather, it’d be ok not to wear outerwear.

Did you find another spleen in a pair of boxers this week? Or just a bagel-dog?

I also say the poll should have been multiple choice - I wear unders both to protect my bits from chafing and less-than-comfortable-on-bits fabric, and to protect the outwear from, well, what Qadgop mentions.

They can also make a passion statement.


Ain’t that the truth.:frowning:

[Bolding added] After decades of frustration, seething anger and going braless, I found these. Wonderful - I even wear them sometimes when I would ditch a bra. One word of caution: The first one I bought was too tight, so I went up a size. After a few months, they’ve stretched out, despite my following laundering instructions. I’d recommend living with a snug fit for a couple of months or hand washing, which I would never do.

Mostly to protect my clothing. But if you forget to zip your fly, underwear keeps an embarrassment from turning into a disaster.

See the Lenny Bruce joke at the end of the Carnegie Hall Concert.

Warmth, support, friction, cleanliness of clothing, absorption of sweat and other “fluids,” shape. And custom.