What is the strangest thing you ever saw on the Washington Area Metro?

What is the strangest thing you ever saw on the Washington Area Metro?

Give me some stories . . .

My favorite: Back around 1989/1990, I had worked late (9ish PM) and was riding the Metro home.

A man, roughly my own age (early 30s perhaps) sat down in front of me. He was clean, and neatly dressed… but was clearly a Ronald Reagan fan. An obsessive one. He was carrying a plastic folder/portfolio (the sort of thing that holds an 8.5x11 pad, a pen, and has a sleeve for loose papers) that had numerous Reagan newspaper articles / headlines taped all over it. I mean, covering the front and back. When he raised his hand for something, I could see that he was also wearing Ronald Reagan cufflinks. (note: I have no objection whatsoever to someone being a fan of Ronald Reagan. This fellow was clearly obsessed however).

He attempted to strike up a conversation with me. When it moved toward “do you know what a high-five handshake is? can you show me?” and he grabbed my hand to make me demonstrate, I moved away.

The time a street person got on the Metro during evening rush, smelly and wrapped in a dingy blanked, and attempted to panhandle everyone… then stood in the middle of the car yelling at how everyone was selfish and stingy… well, that wasn’t fun, but it was not nearly as surreal as the Ron-bot.

I saw a lady, normal but a bit old and short, yelling “hitler” and something else I couldn’t understand repeatedly. It was weird because she could have passed for normal, so it wasn’t like she was a vagrant.

All I can recall right now is the guy I saw on the Orange Line one afternoon. 30-something, with a pacifier in his mouth.

The hymn-singing Korean man shows up from time to time. He’s been written up in the Post.

The woman directly in front of me was dressed respectably in a business suit. But her hair was…infested with ants. There were a few visible at any given time, crawling in and out of her hair.

The funniest thing I ever saw was my friend mooning east-bound traffic on I-66 from the last car on the Orange line from Vienna.

What? It was 1987!:stuck_out_tongue:

As a kid visiting we saw something that was pretty entertaining.

A huge group of people of background were getting ready to stage a demonstration or protest or something(sorry but at 9 I was unable to tell Indians from middle Easterners, so I dont really know who the were). I guess as a point of solidarity they were all putting on fancy tall turbans. But the vast majority of them were very Americanized and had no idea how to do it.
There were 6 or 7 dozen guys with turbans that were really pathetic looking, and kept falling apart and unravelling.

There were two old guys helping as best they could, and one old woman alternating between helping, exasperated yelling, Knocking the shitty ones off, and simply smacking them upside the head.
It was really entertaining.

I have only been on the DC Metro once… and it wasn’t something I saw that I remember, but rather something I did. This was in 2007.

Me and a few other fraternity brothers from Georgia Tech had gone up to the DC Area to go to the GT-Maryland game. To get to college park, we decided to hop the metro (don’t remember which line… we got on on the other side of DC). The first odd thing, I’m sure to other people, was that we were all wearing gold and white riding the metro, especially once more and more Maryland fans got on to go to the game. We were the only tech fans there.

The game was probably going to start soon after we got to college park, and we had a 30 rack of Miller Lite to get through before the game. Someone decided the only sensible thing to do was to pop em open and start drinking on the train. Regardless of the fact that this is illegal, and if we got caught we’d probably go to jail. Of course, if 2 guys were going to jail, the rest of us wouldn’t be going to the game anyhow and would end up having to bail them out, etc… so it made no sense for the rest of us not to join in. By the end of the metro ride, we had gone through at least 20 beers, making sure to keep everything below window level at each station. I remember getting to the final stop and laughing as we poured the empties out of the case into a trash can in the station right in front of everyone.

Probably a bad idea in hindsight, but damn was it fun. Lost the game on a last second missed field goal after being pushed back 10 yards on a holding penalty. Still regret that, but the road trip was one of my best.