What is the strongest blow a human can deliver?

I’m not talking about the highest human potential, like Mike Tyson throwing a left hook, but how an average human would deliver the strongest blow possible to an opponent. Is it an elbow in a downward motion? A punt(front kick)? A classic haymaker? I’m talking about normal techniques here that almost every schoolkid knows, not some crazy backward jumping roundhouse kick. And no, I’m not fighting anyone soon. I ask because I read about a woman who was attacked by a bear and she was knocked down and she reflexively kicked with both her legs from her back and while it didn’t do any damage, it made the bear decide to find an opening rather than just take those kicks. I’ve kicked an opponent from my back before and it can knock someone back a long way. Especially if you were like me as a teenager and could do 500lbs on the leg press.

That’s what I think of as an “up kick”, and is not IME a very powerful kick. One cannot get much hip drive or body weight behind it.

My guess is the most powerful strike for the average person would be a downward stomp. I often taught this as the finishing move after a throw, or at least as giving him something to think about while you escape. Thus
[li]He attacks with a punch[/li][li]You block and establish the clinch[/li][li]Throw him with seoi-nage or something[/li][li]Keep hold of his arm after he lands, and [/li][li]Pull his arm up a little while you stomp hard on his nose.[/li][/ul]
I have heard it recommended that you jump up and drive both heels into him instead of only stomping with one foot, but it is too easy to lose your balance from landing on an uneven surface like a body.

As with most strikes, it is more where you land than how hard you strike.


Muscle is not really the determining factor in delivering a blow. It is weight and speed. A big guy with long fast legs will be able to really punt the living shit out of a target. But, the target will need to be at the right height for peak power and hopefully stationary. Maybe a nut sack? Using the hands a great power blow can be accomplished with an overhand hammer fist. Clinching the fist tight enough and hitting something about waist high can be devastating. Easily enough to break a neck. There are other and better ways but these two require very little technique and both can be deadly. Maybe not to a bear though.

The Gastrizein, a pankration front kick seems to be a pretty good candidate.


Can I do a little running and jumping? A flying sidekick seems ideal, you have weight and speed on your side, and a sidekick isn’t really that hard

It also depends on whether you’re lookin for impact or thrust. I’m not fluent enough in the field of physics to put it into science words but from my martial arts experience there were ‘snap kicks’ and ‘thrust kicks’.

The front kick is a good example of a strike that can be employed both ways. If you we’re kickboxing and wanted some space, you would thrust it and push your opponent back without hurting him. If I want to send a message to my opponent, I could snap the same kick to the sternum an fold him in half.

All this to say a spinning back kick would probably provide the most thrust to move the target, and a rear-leg roundhouse kick would probably provide the most injurious blow.

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I’m going to kick this over to IMHO (from MPSIMS).

Fall on them from about 30 stories up.

If it’s gravity-aided, a knee drop. When using one’s forward momentum (as well as that of a charging opponent’s) a reverse punch with the fist or base of the palm, or a reverse knee kick.

Toughest to decide is when you’re fixed on two feet. My WAG is an uppercut that combines the strength of one’s thighs, hips, abdominals and arm-shoulder muscles upwards against both feet braced on the ground.

I would assume a stomp where you both jump up to use gravity on your way down and the power of your leg muscles thrusting your foot down as you descend to stomp. It combines gravity, your full bodyweight and your leg/glute muscles which tend to be some of the strongest in the body.

I think a lot of it depends on how you’re leveraged against the ground. I don’t think I can punch or shove anywhere near as hard just standing up as I can if I’m braced with my back against something. Your proposed kick from the ground, with both legs and your back or butt braced against the dirt, seems like a good candidate to me. At work, I frequently need to move five or six hundred pounds of weight spread across sixty or seventy square feet of area across the floor. You can’t move that by shoving it, pushing it, or pulling it; there’s way too much friction. But, if you sit on your ass and slam your heels into it, you can move it pretty easy.

Either a double fist punch (such as to a chimp’s head) or a femur shattering kick.

I guess it depends what you consider a “normal” person as being capable of, but kicking techniques produce quite a bit of force.

Assuming you’re just squaring off against whatever it may be, I’d say a spinning/turning back kick is up there. Much of the force comes from the torque of the spinning/turning motion, the hips, and legs. Just looking around, I’ve seen sources claim in excess of 1500 lbs of force. Granted, a normal person won’t produce that, but more importantly is what Shodan says, below.

This is very much true. And not just with the obvious, but something like a properly executed leg kick can be especially effective.

Otherwise, if you’re talking about your really really normal person, probably just a wild hook that catches their opponent in the right spot.

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I would think some kind of full speed body check/forearm shiver/football tackle would deliver the most force.

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Geez, 1500 pounds? Wouldn’t that cause even a grizzly to wobble?

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That kick may have produced enough of a shock to the bear’s cardiovascular or respiratory system to convince the bear to back off a bit and rethink its attack?

The strongest strikes from a human would involve leg kicks and spins.

Correctly delivered a flying side kick is very good, as long as your target doesn’t move. Although a proper technique of a side kick is not really that easy. Training can double or triple your power.