What is the Universe like, in your opinion?

“Reality leaves a lot to imagination.”
Or does it?

Please vote in this poll to see what SDMB users think the Universe is like. The poll allows multiple choice. Comments on choices are more than welcome.

The universe is like a chocolate donut with sprinkles.

It seems great on the surface. But it has a big hole in the middle and a chocolate covered coating.

The hole is a warning that bad things can happen if you are not careful.

The chocolate topping is a clue that life can be delicious if you take good care of things.

The sprinkles on top is a reminder that if you look carefully, you can find some wonderful rewards - providing you don’t fall into the hole.
I voted for the universe is homogonized because everything in life is fattening if you don’t choose two percent.
Just joking :slight_smile:

It remains really really big. Also still willing to take you around it (and all the other places too) if you’ll just get on my horse.

(The only poll choice I picked was that the universe had a natural origin; that’s the only thing I’m sure of. Other than that it’s really big.)

No, the Universe is the juice you can drink after having the donut.
Actually, not the juice - only the bottle. The Klein bottle.

No, it is a non-orientable surface. And there is a hole, indeed, but there’s no chocolate coating. It’s a bottle.

They say a non-orientable Klein-bottle hole is also a perfectly valid solution to the Einstein equations.

Yeah, me too. What difference did it make for the dinosaurs whether the Universe had a flat curvature or not when the Chicxulub asteroid plunged into Earth’s crust?

Taking this reasoning to the extreme, the Universe only seems really, really big from your perspective. If you want to be objective, you can stick to simply “big”, I think. “Quite”, “too”, “extremely”, and so on are subjective quantifiers.

Same obvious answer as the one I gave in one of your other attempts at this poll, and it still isn’t included: We don’t know yet what the universe is like.

And haven’t the physicists established that while the Universe had a beginning, it will have no end?

By the latter, I mean that they’ve verified that the Universe will keep on expanding, and will never collapse back in on itself.

We observe that the universe is currently expanding at an accelerating rate. We don’t know what is causing this. We have labeled the cause “Dark Energy” but we don’t know what it is or how it works.

If we figure that out, then we can be a lot more certain the fate of the universe.

The only answer of the poll I am completely comfortable with, and hence my vote, is the existence of more than one universe.

Of course there is absolutely no way to scientifically “prove” any of these vote choices, presently.

I look at mathematics as part of the languages. Mathematics is the language of science. Delving deeper into an ever more meaningful and particular understanding of how the universe works has ever and always been a matter of developing new mathematics. To me, and this likely sounds a bit metaphysical, it’s as though we are slowly learning more of the language of the universe, through mathematics, yet every time we learn a new word or phrase, the universe publishes an updated dictionary.

Someday, the Planck Length will seem a monstrosity.

I know what you mean, but isn’t it logically wrong? Suppose what we theorize as the Universe is a local bubble in a tub full of foam, and the tub is one of an infinite similar others. Haven’t we defined the Universe as the totality of existence? Okay, we thought it’s just a room, but we can see there’s a castle out there, and the room itself is nothing but a mouse hole - plus there’s an infinite number of castles, just like the one we live in. Our concept of the totality of existence has just changed, but it’s still one Universe, of a greater size and with a more complex structure.

My feeling is that the secrets of the Universe are in plain site - we just lack the intellectual apparatus to apprehend them (at the moment at least).

It’s a sacrilege now but such a paradigm shift is only predictable.

Isn’t that closer to my answer than anything you listed in your poll, though?