What is the word for the male equivalent of a "fag hag?"

A fag hag–I’m not sure it is as offensive as it sounds, what with two offensive words concatenated–is more or less a (usually) older woman who, for various reasons–but not sexual ones–likes to have blithe young things in her circle.

That’s how I understand it, at least. Would happily hear corrections.

Anyway, what would be the equivalent for a man?

Doing a quick Google search for your question, I was surprised to find that fag hag has a wiki entry. It lists the male counterparts as Dutch Boy, lesbro or dyke tyke, though I can’t say I’ve heard any of them. OTOH, I can’t say I’ve heard of a male fag hag to begin with.

Not older women, any women. In fact I’m only familiar with it being applied to younger women…not that it carries an age, I guess I just don’t know older women who prefer the company of gay men.

And it’s not about “blithe young things” it’s about wanting to hang out with gay dudes.

I’m guessing you’re taking the “hag” part too literally…it’s more of a convenient way to rhyme a word that says “gay guy” with a word that says “woman.”

I’m not trying to be a jerk btw, it might sound that way, heh. Just correctin’!

Whenever my girlfriends and I go out with our gay male friends, we refer to ourselves as fag hags and they do so accordingly. Correct, not an offensive term. Have never heard of a male equivalent.

It is offensive. And it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

It’s a woman who hangs around with gay men.

The equivalent would be a man who hangs around with lesbians. I don’t think that’s either an existent phenomenon or that it has a name, offensive or no.

Yep. And not to be too stereotypical, but it’s usually in the context of clothes shopping, going to a hairstylist, etc. I’ve never heard anyone, gay or not, get remotely offended or use it in an intentionally offensive way.

Offensive to who? Women who exihibit the identified behavior universally (IME, data is not the plural of anecdote, dealer prep, tax, title, and insurance extra, etc) self-identify with the term. The term is also used by the homosexual males with whom they associate (as a term of endearment - not insult). So who exactly is offended?

I’ve heard them referred to as a “purse”

One of my coworkers described herself and her daughter this way, both were certainly not hags, per se, nor we’re they being offensive.

Back when I did a lot of that I preferred the term “fruit fly”. Less . . . haggard.

I like “purse”. Never heard it before.

Back when I worked for Hallmark Cards developing their first web site, the department I worked for had developed their system to custom print cards in the store. Neat system, and it produced a really quality product, as it used a wax-based printer.

A gay couple of my acquaintance tried to make a birthday card for a mutual friend and discovered the system’s language filter. They wanted to make a card addressed to “Our Favorite Fag Hag”, and it would not let them.

I do.

“purse” is a male analogue to “beard”, probably derived from it, and the connotation is different. A “beard” is a woman who accompanies a closeted gay man to provide protective coloration in a social situation where it will look good for him to have a female date. “purse” describes a man who is providing a similar service for a lesbian.

A “fag hag” is woman who hangs around with gay males who have no such need - she just wants to hang around with them.

I’ve heard "fruit fly"used by straight males who were hanging out with lesbians. I did a quick google and found “Birkenstud,” which I rather like!

True, but there is an annoying subtext to the term that no one ever seems to address. That is, that there must be something wrong with a woman who doesn’t devote all her efforts to landing an “eligible” man for a husband, and hence the need for this special term. Kind of like the term tomboy implies that there’s something abnormal about a girl who climbs trees, so we need a special way to label her.

I consider the act itself of coining phrases such as this a kind of implicature, as it’s referred to in pragmatics.

If by male equivalent you mean a straight man who hangs around gay men, that is called a “fag stag”.
If you mean a man who hangs around lesbians, that is called a “lesbro”.

Because nobody cares.

A wanker with an internet connection

An optimist?

Lesbro is an amazing term.