What is the word for....

“to cause to occur” or “to bring into existence”.

The sentence I’m working with is along these lines:

“…the aluminium foil tends to bring into existence creases and sharp edges”

I could just use “form”, but I’m sure there’s a word for what I’m trying to express.

What’s wrong with “create”?


How about “tends to promote”? Or “engenders the formation of”?

“Generate” perhaps?

“Effect”, as a verb, is almost exactly what you need. However, I think what’s tripping you up is that you’re using this in a reflexive context - is it the aluminum foil that’s becoming creased & sharp-edged? If so, I would just say “The aluminum foil tends to become creased & sharp-edged.”

Yes, I’m using it in the reflective sense. “Because” works nicely.
(“effect”, I think, was the word I had in mind)

Establish? Form? Spawn? Produce? Initiate? Make? Beget?


I like “conjures”

I think this one doesn’t really fit in this instance:

the aluminium foil tends to develop creases and sharp edges.

the aluminium foil tends to become creased and sharp-edged.

the aluminium foil tends to engender creases and sharp edges.

I think we need to be more clear on just what you’re trying to say. It sounds you’re trying to get across something more abstract/philosophical than “Aluminum foil creases.” Are you trying to establish a metaphorical causal relationship between the mere existence of foil and its becoming creased? A la entropy? Obviously we know that aluminum foil doesn’t “cause” creases although aluminum foil does give creases a medium in which to occur. Can you be more specific about your intent? Also, does the general context concern aluminum foil or creases?

“…the aluminium foil tends to become creased and sharp-edged” sounds best to me, but
“…the aluminium foil tends to get creases and sharp edges” works as well.