What is the worst advice you ever followed?

Advice that seemed great at the time, but had dire consequences?

“Employers don’t care what your degree is in, as long as you get a degree”

The 18-year-old me: “I don’t know how I’m ever going to afford to buy a house.”

Dad: “Don’t worry about it, it will take care of itself.”

“Just trust me. I love you, I’d never do anything to cause you harm.”

just put some ice on it

Me: I dunno, I just think we’re too different. We come from different worlds.

Her: It’s not like that, don’t worry about it.

(six years pass)

Her: We’re just too different, you know?

Me: hand breaks sound barrier in process of slapping forehead

“You should move to Flagstaff.”

Hey, getting a BA in music performance is a great idea!

“Seriously, nobody uses the study time to work.”

You are too stupid to finish high school. Get married.

“Do what you love and the money will follow.”

Departing San Fran; “Don’t go through Lake Tahoe on your way to Yosemite and be sure and stay at the Wawona Hotel.”

The Wawona had no views, no good trails, nothing to do within driving distance, the golf course was closed and we may have been the only people there under 80 years of age. It blew HUGE chunks and we got there in no time, time that would have been better spent at Tahoe. This was made all the worse the next day when we saw Yosemite and the beautiful accomodations we could have had right there in the park surrounded by everything we’d travelled there for.

Frustrating in that it was advice given right here, :(, so I’d like to provide a conflicting opinion to CA travellers, namely that the Wawona is good for little other than a dirt nap. There’s no telling how many times I apologised to my wife for that one.

“Ah, it´s just ONE more drink, you pussy!”

Oh god, why do I keep falling for that?

I took out a home equity loan for $20,000 and loaned it to the man I was head-over-heels-positive-I’d-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with.

“It’s only $” said my best friend.

I haven’t seen or heard from said man in 3 years and have seen exactly $0.

Makes me sick to my stomach to think of it. :smack:

It’s okay. We’ll support you whatever you decide to do. (this type of advice is generally followed by screams of “Oh my God, what has she done now?”)

My boss told me “don’t invest money in a client you represent. You’ll be too emotionally connected to the stock.”

Nine stock splits later the stock is worth something like 20X what I would have bought it for.

“Invest for your retirement”

I wish I’d gone with fast cars and good weed

“If you don’t buy a starter house now, you will not own property in your lifetime. Real estate is never going down.”

Bought May of 2006 (pretty much market peak) in one of the most overvalued markets in the country :smack:

I can’t recall any advice I’ve ever taken to determine if it was bad or good. I’ve just F’ed everything up on my own! :smiley:

I’ll have a lot of good things to tell my kid, however. He won’t listen, I’m sure of it.

“We don’t need to go get our flu shots from the college for $10. My mom [who’s a nurse] will hook us up!”

She didn’t.

Worst. Flu. Ever. uuuuuugh.