What was the worst and the best advice your parents ever gave you?

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The worst - There is no point to a nursing degree, you are female. Just get married and let him support you. :stuck_out_tongue:

The best - (years later) The most important thing is your happiness. No matter what decision you make, we’ll support you 100% :smiley: .

I can’t pinpoint a specific ‘worst piece of advice’ my parent’s gave me - and I don’t mean for that to sound like they gave me alot, but … Probably anything having to do with helping me with homework in junior high school. :rolleyes:

Their ‘best advice’ was how they allowed me to live my life in high school. They weren’t suffocating with rules. They were always ready with their opinions, but kept them as just that - opinions. They allowed me to make my choices, and when I chose wrong, they were still there for me. :slight_smile:

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Best- “Brush your teeth. You’ll know why when it’s time to see the dentist.”

Worst- “Walk it off”

Best: “Don’t get arrested.”
Worst: “Call if you need a ride.” (Hah! Talk about a car tip I’d like to forget; I felt like Will Smith in “Parents Just Don’t Understand.”)

Worst (from Dad)- be a waitress rather than going to school for what you WANT to do, you’ll make more money.

Best (from Mom, after she discovered I had lost my virginity) Sex with the right person can be the greatest thing you’ll ever know. With the wrong person, it sucks ass.

Best, from Dad: “Join the Air Force. They have a better way of life.” Years later, I realize that the other branches promote faster, but the stability and quality of life was better in general.

Worst, also from Dad:“Son, pussy is the greatest thing in the world. Get as much of it as you can.” - Told to me while drinking a budweiser in a can outside of a barber shop. I might have been 10, 12?

Worst: From Mom - “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you” (while teaching me to turn the other cheek instead of getting into fights.)

Best: From Dad (when Mom wasn’t listening) - “Take some Karate classes when you get to college, Son.”

Worst - Always walk away from a fight, you’re better than they are. Result - 22 stitches in my forehead and on a seperate occasion getting pushed off of a wall and receiving 5 stitches in my chin.

Best - (Revamped bad advice) Always walk away from a fight, but before doing so make sure you a) left them with their jaws on the floor due to some witticism b) aren’t going to just get jumped from behind by the antagonist and his 3 friends c) are totally sure that you can’t just whoop the offenders ass.

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Right on Soulmurk!

My father gave me lots of really good advice.

He once told me “Robin, if you think everyone in the world is wrong you need to consider that it might be you that is wrong.”

I can’t think of any bad advice they ever gave me.

Best (from Mom)- Take a typing class.
Worst (from Mom) - “I think you should get back with Tony. He was really cute.” (Tony was a loser.)

Perhaps the most memorable was my mother’s advice to my sister: “Never slap a man chewing tobacco.”

I never learned how mom learned that bit of wisdom.

Worst: Monther saying: “Never listen to your father. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Best: My father saying: “When you decide to do something, do it well. That way you will enjoy it. People always enjoy those things they do well.”

My nephew once suggested: “Never try to hide green beans in your milk.” I always thought that was good advice. I think their is a metaphysical meaning in there somewhere.

“You only need to shower and wash your hair once every couple of days.” . . .

“Don’t invest in that 401k until you have your sudent loan paid off!” . . .

“Here, son. Try this valium. It will calm your nerves.”
“Don’t get a girl pregnant. Wear a rubber.” . . .

“The entire world doesn’t wake up in the morning wondering how they are going to screw you.” . . .

“Why don’t you date her? Sometimes friends make the best lovers!” (Referring to my future wife)

My dad was a walking pile of alcoholic contradictions. One afternoon when I was 6 or 7, he picked me up and threw me into the deep end of the swimming pool (I didn’t know how to swim at the time). I floundered over to an edge, he helped me out and gave me a ‘the only thing you have to fear is fear itself’ speech. Well, dad, now I fear swimming pools, you, and fear. Thanks a lot.

But he also explained to me once about how hardly anything is black or white- there are a million shades of gray in between and nothing is ever as cut-and-dried as you think it is. This has proved to be an invaluable lesson in many ways as I’ve grown up.

Best: On the inside, we all bleed the same color (Mom’s a nurse… and not very bigoted!)
Never put down your drink at a party and then go back later to drink it. (She was worried someone would spike my drink. I was worried someone would mash out their butts!)
Always tell the truth.
Go to college and get a degree in something you want to do. That way you’ll never have to depend on a husband to make a living. You’ll always be able to take care of yourself. (True dat.)

Worst: Don’t marry the first guy you date. (Should have, he was the one that got away. I know dad was trying to get me to shop around, but looking back, the first choice would have been the best choice.)
Don’t live together before you get married.

Best advice from my mom: “A woman who smokes will do anything.” Not always right, but enough to make it worth a shot.

Best advice from my dad: “Have a good look at her mother, because that is what she will be like in about thirty years.”

Worst advice from my mom: “Don’t hit your brother.” He outweighed me by 80 pounds, and it wasn’t until I beat the crap out of him that we started to get along.

Worst advice from my dad: “Don’t put your college money in the stock market; it’s too risky.” This was in the 70s.

Oh well. They meant well.

“I don’t care how long it takes you to get a GD degree,even if it takes 10 years.” Well,this immature dreamer got it in six and saved dear old dad $40K. I have put it to good use. Thanks Seth.

Best advice from Mom: “Save as much money as possible, you are bound to get screwed over royally at some point.”

Best advice from Oldest brother (no dad around): “Realize that one day you will die. When you realize that, find your greatest fear, confront it, beat it, and know that nothing can ever be as horrible if you already conquered the worst.”

Worst advice from Mom: “Put all your saved money in a CD for at least a year.” Great. So when that moment comes when I am screwed over, I have no way to access that money w/o losing a fat chunk of it.

Worst advice from Oldest brother: “Marry a prostitute. Not only will she be experienced, but she will be a keeper if you show her some affection and respect.”

Best things from Mom:
Perfect is the enemy of good.
Life is too short to spend time in a job that makes you unhappy.
You’ll never regret money you spend on travel. In ten years you won’t appreciate that new couch you could buy today, but you’ll treasure your memories of going to Europe.

From Dad:
What seems like a big deal now won’t matter in a few years

Worst Advice: I never really got much. My mom would make cracks like,
Who cares if you’ve got panty lines. At least they’ll know you’re wearing underwear!

[li]Don’t stay at a job you’re not happy with. Time is too important to waste. (Dad)[/li][li]If you can’t complete a job with excellence, stop for a little while and go back to it when you can (perfect for the home project thing!) (Dad)[/li][li](When I was being teased/harrassed at school/etc) They don’t like you? Can’t see how great you are? F*** 'em! (Dad)[/li][/ul]

Sex isn’t all its cracked up to be. (Mom) (Um, yeah it is)