What is the best advice you have ever gotten?

Everyone has advice they get in their life that lasts with them. what is the best advice you have ever gotten?? :slight_smile:

From a guy I met back in tech school:

“Never get into a drinking contest with a Russian general”

From my mother…

“Always wear clean underpants or don’t wear any at all”.

/got nuthin’

From my grandmother: “Never get married and never have children.”

Not too bitter, was Grandmother . . .


“If it’s not an absolute emergency, do not pay by credit.”

I didn’t follow it. I can’t ovemphasize the degree to which I should have.

“Friendship is a better basis for a relationship than love.”

“Read The Three Musketeers. Treat women like that. They’ll love you for it.” Best advice I’ve ever gotten.

Don’t lie. Your reputation is really worth that much.


Learn how to do a job right, the speed will come of it’s own.

Measure twice, then make sure.

Don’t quit your day job until another one is lined up.

You will always make almost enough money.

Never go to bed angry with someone that you love.

From a former boss:
If you don’t want to be in my job in five years, you’re in the wrong profession.

She was right.

When you and your spouse are in a crisis, no matter the issue or whos fault it is, never turn against each other. Work against the problem, but do it united.

Non urum ad ventum

I think “Don’t eat any yellow snow” was some pretty good advice.

One of my first employers told me if I had nothing to do, grab a broom. Even if you aren’t actually sweeping, it will look like you are doing something. Needless to say I have swept a lot of floors over the years.

If you need to ask someone else whether or not what you’d like to do is OK, it most likely isn’t.

Button, then zip.

People are who they are, not who they should be.

From my dad:

“No one ever said life was gonna be fair.”

At least you could act normal.

“Stop being such an asshole.”

Never kill a person with a cop standing next to you.