What is this accent? (US English)

In the course of trying to troubleshoot my Playstation 3 console, I found this video of a guy explaining a possible solution to the problem. But mostly I was interested by his accent. At first it seems unremarkable but upon closer listening, it’s subtly different. He pronounces “fix” as “fex”, “with” as “weth”, “open” as “ooupen”, among other things; there is also (to me) the very faintest trace of a Boston accent.

Is all of this just an individual’s idiosyncratic vocal delivery, or does it have some regional origin?

That’s a tough one for me to place. I think I hear some Great Lakes vowels and there’s some other element I can’t place.


Good call. Here’s another video from his YouTube channel; in the background, you can see a poster of former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, and a red sign which looks to say “Sixers.” Plus, he’s wearing what looks to be a Penn State sweatshirt.