What is this British medical term?

So, Not Always Right had its tenth anniversary and held a survey recently where fans of the site voted on their favorite tale from the past decade. The one that came in second was this.* The location was given as Surrey and it starts out, “I am an A&E nurse…”

From the context, it sounds like what we on this side of the pond call ER, but what does A&E stand for? Accident and Emergency?
*For the record, the winner is this.


holy shit, that story.

That story is so apropo for how teen boys ( and ,really, all age men) think. I have daughters, and I swear you would not believe the crap they endured in highschool. My younger daughter described walking down the hall as ‘running the gauntlet’! I taught my son to respect girls and women. Why do parents neglect this part of a boys home-training? So depressing that we are still at this point

Thank you, Evan.

For the other comments, I fully agree. The school employees’ attitude made me very angry, and I don’t even have a daughter. Too bad she didn’t break his nose.

A and E medicine n. accident and emergency medicine: an important specialty dealing with the immediate problems of the acutely ill and injured.

A-yup. Sort of a front-line nursing position. Like a paramedic, but right there in the emergency rooms entry. A rough place to work, as that ladies story’s beginning shows. Either you really love helping people, or you’re building creds for a less pressure position, was the cynical way another lady once put it to me.