What is this bug that just stung me?

I was sitting on my porch and felt something on my back I reached back to grab it and was stung on my middle back, in two places and it hurt like hell. The bug was alive but barely. looks like the stinger ripped out his guts. Serves him right.

Any idea what it is?

Looks like it could be a june bug.

Got nothin’ here but…
EWWWWW!!! I’d have fallen over of a heart-attack just SEEING that thing. eww.

It looks a lot like a June bug. AFAIK, they don’t sting, but they do hurt like a SOB when they hit you between the eyes at 70 mph.

I always call them “drunken flying tanks”…they have surprising inertia for something that small…

Definitely a June bug. Maybe he had a bee in his mouth when he ran into you. Or a teensy little knife. Coulda been a pirate June bug. Yeah, that’s it.



I think my brain just threw up.