I'm really getting tired of these biting and stinging insects by the pool.

At my girlfriend’s in the pool. For yet another day we’re being eaten and stung. Yeah, mosquitoes at night, but this is all day and night. And not horse flies.

There are some sort of water bugs that bite and leave welts. They live, or swim, under the water. Then there are little hornets. Maybe a cm or 2 in length. These little bastards apparently exist only to sting for no reason. I slapped one will enough to stun it and it laid on the table, dying, thrusting its stinger in and out. Yes, I mocked the little motherfucker.

Any idea what these are? How to combat them? Have a hot tub too and it’s just as bad. Live in south central Wisconsin and looks like we’ll have about 3 weeks of summer. Would be nice to enjoy it!

could be any of the “yellow jacket” varieties of wasps. German Wasp, Eastern yellowjacket, paper wasp, etc.
very ill-tempered. they sting you just because you exist.