Dang! the skeeters and flies are horrible this summer.

I had three skeeters coming after me in bed last night. :mad: Squashed two of the bastards dining on my arm. They’d come in while my door was open to let the dogs out.

They jump me all the time when I’m outside watering the lawn. I’ve never had skeeters this bad before. There’s no wetlands near me.

Flies are really aggressive this year too. I’ve had several get in the house recently that buzzed bombed us constantly. It’s going to be a long summer. They say the unusually hot winter and Spring is to blame.

I have a friend that’s currently in Ocean City, and they tried to see the horses at Assateague yesterday. They couldn’t spend more than a minute in the woods without getting bitten, so they had to turn around and go back.

Can I haz your mosquito wrigglers for my killifish?

Either I’m getting slower or flies are getting smarter. I’ve been trying to kill one with a fly swatter the past hour. Keeps buzzing my head and landing on my neck.

Mosquitoes and other flying biting critters LUV ME.

I HATES THEM :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Anybody got suggestions on how to quell the urge to SCRATCH the ITCH?

And balms for the resultant swollen, painful, long-lasting bites???

Here in Chicagoland, the drought conditions mean that there are no pesky mosquitos out while I water every damn thing. Sigh.

Non-biting flies, I can deal with. They’re annoying, but I can ignore them, and they’re the only thing that can get my fat cat to exercise.

Mosquitoes, to borrow my brother’s favorite phrase, should all go die in a hell-fire.

You obviously never met a horse fly.


Most of my flying creatures are drywood termites.
Until tomorrow. The tent goes up tomorrow.

They’re horrible every summer. Last summer was particularly horrible for us (Chicago suburbs), we had to fog around the house twice. Mostly because there’re too many goddamn plants outside the windows.

Fortunately I have a/c this year, so I can keep them out of my room. But last year I didn’t, and I had to sleep with the windows open and fans cranking constantly. I can’t count the numbers of mornings I woke up with fresh, painful, itchy bites that I’d accidentally scratched in my sleep.

Last summer was the pits! >:O

I have, and those would fall under the category of “biting flies”.
I was trying to be specific because mosquitoes, too, belong to the order Diptera, and the Dope is full of pedants.

Last summer when the electricity was out for over a week I ended up getting a mosquito net from Ikea [they are supposed to be decorative, but they work just fine.] It was hysterical - mrAru or AruRoomie and I sitting on the bed playing board games huddled under the mozzie net because on a farm with chickens there will be flies! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have any of you tried vitamin B supplements? It is supposed to make you smell bad to flies and mosquitoes. I have to be honest, here it seems like there are less flies this year (and I was expecting a bumper crop with the early Spring). My chickens must be doing a darn good job for me this year.