What is this bug that keep biting me?

I often have my front door propped open so the cats can wander in and out. In the evenings, I occasionally get a few bugs. One particular type of bug bites.

They’re very small, green hopping bugs. It’s not a sting as the bites don’t itch. I’ll just feel a sharp pain and look down to see a tiny, light green bug on my arm. I don’t think I’ve ever been bitten by these things when I am outdoors so I’m not sure why they bite me indoors and they’re not a well-known pest. Anyone have any guess as to what they are? Googling for biting bugs just turns up the big hitters like assassin bugs and skeeters.

That’s an interesting question. I do not know a formal name, but they are known as “candle bats” in Georgia, as they are drawn to light as a moth might be.

Doing a Google search on “candle bat” insect gets no relevant hits. I don’t think that’s it.

Yeah, I’m actually from the Deep South and lived in Georgia for a while and never heard the term. Maybe it’s a very localized one.

I’ve seen these bugs before but hadn’t realized they bit 'til recently. The bites don’t leave a mark or anything, they just hurt whiole the bug is biting.

Of course, I realize the ulitmate solution would be to keep my door shut but then the cats keep ringing the bell and I have to keep getting up to let them in.

Sounds like a leafhopper - I’ve been bitten by them. I think they just bite whatever they land on.

I just googled “leafhopper” and I think you’re right. They look like this. Hmmm, one site says they can transmit viruses including ebola! :eek: