What is this coaxial cable adapter/something that I have here?

What is this coaxial cable adapter/something that I have here?

Part 1 is a black, cubic, wall-wort type of thing.
It plugs into an ungrounded 120V outlet.
It’s only outlet is a coaxial, male, f-type screw threads.
On it is written:
AC Adapter
Model YL1200200
Input 120VAC 60Hz
Output 12VDC

It was attached -via coax cable- to this thing that looks like a splitter. On the splitter, it says ARPI-2000 power inverter.

This splitter has 3x, differently labeled, male, f-type screw thread connections on it.

Is this a signal amplifier? Additionally, can I use it to amplify my (digital’) TV antenna’s signal?

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The “splitter” says “power inSerter”.

It provides power via coax for other devices (which you don’t show) like amplifiers that are not located near an AC outlet.

Yep. It also combines the signal with the power. That’s why you have both a “to tv” and “to amp” coax connector.

It is probably a power supply for either an inline amplifier on a cable-TV or antenna mast mounted amp, or a power supply for an LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) for an older satellite system. Newer satellite receivers directly provide power to the LNA, so I’m going to stick with the first.

Another vote for having 2 of the 3 components for a TV coax amplification system.

Without the actual amplifier part, they won’t do anything.

There’s also the issue of what range of frequencies the whole system is intended to work on. It may or may not amplify the range you want.

If you google the part number, the first hit is someone asking the very same question fifteen years ago at ars technica. :smiley:

Here’s an example of what the wall-wart is used with.

Thanks, everyone. I’ll be looking for the (currently missing) 3rd component.