What is this commonly used (by Afghan police) machine gun?

This seems to be a fairly standard issue to the Afghan police/army. Can you please tell me what is. I assumed it was Czech-made but couldn’t find it with a quick Google search.

A picof what I think is the same piece from today’s news.

I do believe that is a Soviet-era PK.

Edit: I said Soviet, but now that I decided to look it up it appears they’re still being manufactured in Russia.

Wow, two minutes! And, here I am thanking you two hours, no, three hours, later.

Indeed, it does seem to be the PG machine gun.

I think it’s actually a Zastava M84, which is a copy of the PKM but with a solid stock. The M84 wiki page lists Afghanistan as a user but with a “citation needed” tag.

Nice job, Fubaya :slight_smile: I thought I had it, but then again I learned more about Warsaw Pact weaponry from playing Twilight: 2000 than I did from the military…

So Karl you’re welcome, I’ll have better luck next time. :eek:

You were close enough, it’s the same gun except someone looked at it and said “We should make one of those, but slightly heavier!”