What is this cross"

“A cross from a faith that died before jesus came”
From this song? (Sarah Mclachlan - Building A Mystery)
One of these, maybe?

You… answered your own question.

That simplifies matters, doesn’t it?

Just looking for confirmation. The ankh isn’t usually associated with the Dark Stuff. At least not traditionally.
Poetic license, eh?

Yer lookin for intelligent, deep meanings in a pop song? 'Specially from Sarah Mclachlan?

Maybe Thor’s Hammer? Not really a cross, but looks kinda like one.

Most look like this

But some look as cross-like as this

Are you infering that you find intelligent, deep meanings in other styles of song? Do enlighten me.

While the ankh [‘crux ansata’] is indeed one possibility, another is the sun cross.

That was certainly worth the wait. Now I can take my bath.

No, he’s implying. You’re inferring.

I’ll alert the media

I miss mangeorge. Interesting Doper who just stppped posting.