What could be more festive than a cross covered in fuzzy Christmas lights?

File under creative idiocy.

I bet my black neighbors would like one of those. I should buy one and put it in the middle of their yard.

Yeah, it’ll totally look spectacular! I’m sure they’ll thank me for it!


The American Family Association: because sometimes you want to look like a Klansman, but buying all that wood and gasoline over and over again is just a hassle.


I have been to several towns that have huge crosses on the side of the largest hill in town, sponsored by the taxpayers. Some things are only racist if you use a shoehorn.

The issue isn’t the size of the cross. The issue isn’t the placement of the cross.
The issue is that it bears something of a tiny resemblance to a burning cross.

Wow. That’s the first thing that came to your mind when you saw the picture? Wow. It’s tacky, sure, ugly even, but a burning cross? Wow.

I clicked on it before reading the thread and the first thought was “huh, a cross with lights poking out all over.” The second thought was “all those pokies look kind of like flames…:eek:” It took about 3 seconds for the obvious implication to kick in. Of course it’s not intentional, but you see it fast and once you do you can’t unsee it, and from then on your cute Christmas display makes you think of the Klan. So I’m voting “no” on the pokey lit-up cross.

And I’m thinking “pokey lit-up cross” would be the worst band name ever.

I agree. Looks…suspect. One of those innocent gaffes you just can’t unsee once you’ve seen it, like the Jesus light switch plate.

It’s near The Diary of Anne Frank in New Arrivals. An unfortunate resemblance to a racist icon but I’m leaning toward entirely innocent. Gaudy as all hell, but innocent.

Forget the resemblance to KKK crosses — who the HELL puts up a crross at Christmas time? You’re supposed to be celebrating Christ’s borth. Putting up reminder of his death is a big Downer.

But not his birth, because he was born four years before.

“Borth” is what you call it in Sweden

“Borth! Borth! Borth!”

First thing I thought was “burning cross :eek:”.

The people in our neighborhood who put up a cross a Christmas Time put up a HUGE Cross–made of 4 by 4s or something. They didn’t light it, though, well, except for lighting by stringing small lights around the yard, and they also had a manger someplace around. Can’t speak for their motives, it just didn’t appear to be the same idea.

I don’t think of a burning cross until you say that. I thought a lite cross is an Easter decoration, get it right idiot house owner.

Yes, other Christians might consider kindness and charity as effective ways of expressing their faith at Christmas-- but that’s only because they don’t have a giant electric crucifix.

We cannot emphasize “simple instructions” enough. We guarantee that you do not need a brain to enjoy this product.

–the operative assumption here being that none of these people will actually want to stop and visit your home, office, or church, because you’re an asshole.


Oh, I agree that the intent was almost without a doubt purely innocent. The thought process probably went something like: Crosses are symbolic of Christianity, Jesus and the cross are intimately connected in fact and symbolism, Christmas is a festival of lights, what could be better than a cross full of lights to celebrate Christmas?

I’ll admit, the first time I saw the picture (I was just forwarded a pic without the text), I wasn’t wearing my glasses and the first thing I thought was “A burning cross!” Even with my glasses on, that’s still what it looks like to me since I first saw it that way.

Evidently, while I may be crazy, I’m not alone in my craziness on this topic.

I’ve seen this more than once, but every damn time it has me laughing my head off! So creepy!

'Course no decent Christian would use colored lights. :rolleyes: