What is this device? Remote control for meat thermometer?

Anybody know what this device is? I found it in the electronic trash bin at work. Perhaps a control for a remote-controlled meat thermometer? What happens when you press the “taste” button, it tastes it for you and says “yum!” or “gross!”?





It looks somewhat similar to the unit for a Maverick smoking thermometer. It comes with two probes; one you stick in the meat and another that you place on the grill of the smoker. The unit displays the meat’s temperature and the temperature in the smoker so that you can maintain a consistent temperature. I don’t know about the “taste” button.

I figured it out, it’s a Master Forge Digital Remote Meat Thermometer.


Still curious what “taste” does.

Looks like this:


I have a similar unit, probably made in the same factory, that has the same screen but different case & button configuration.

“Taste” is more like “doneness”. rare, medium rare, well, etc.

I think you have this:

NERPO-FISKTOOL Food Thermometer

I couldn’t find a manual for it, but I found a manual for a different thermometer that had a TASTE button. For that one, TASTE has the options WELL, MED WELL, MEDIUM, MED RARE, and RARE.

ETA: Dang ninjas. Looks like the same basic unit is repackaged with different color cases and different manufacturer names. They are all similar enough though that I think they are ultimately all produced by the same source.

Technically it’s a remote display, not control… It just receives temperature data transmitted by the sensor (or by the transmitter unit wired to the sensor).

Those remote BBQ thermometers are great for getting perfectly grilled meats. You can select what type of meat you’re cooking and how done (taste/temperature) you want it to be. Then you can go back in the house and work on the rest of the meal. Without a remote thermometer, you have to either stay by the grill or keep going out to check the meat to make sure it’s doesn’t overcook.