What Is This Green Rock/Mineral?

I picked up some interesting rocks on a recent seashore visit. Just for fun, I put them in my daughter’s rock tumbler. Two turned out to be a bright apple green-with pink streaks. anybody know what mineral these are?

Copper compounds are green.
The most notable being Malachite.

But, it’s more likely to be jadeite, which comes in both green and pink.

It would help to know where you were and if the rocks were loose on the beach or if they came from an outcrop.

Here’s a tumbler ID too.


Could it be watermelon tourmaline?

Don’t show it to Superman.
Trust me on this.

Thanks…it looks like Unakite. the rocks were from the beach on Cape Cod (Sandwich, MA).

I figured orthoclase for the pink, it’s common and what you’d see for instance in some granites. A quick looks shows epidote in a lot of the gneiss and schist up there.

Now the question becomes wherther it’s country rock or transported. While I have no experience in the area the history of glacial action means the till will contain a melange of rocks mixed and transported from a multitude of sources, some potentially hundreds of miles away.

Could you post a picture? I can’t identify a rock or mineral when I can’t at least see what it looks like.

Yes, pics. Apple-green screams epidote to me, but it’s hard to say without looking.

Epidote, olivine, uvarovite, nephrite, or some alteration like chlorite.

Pictures are needed.