What is This Horribleness on My Foot? (Slightly TMI Pic Included)

STANDARD DISCLAIMERS APPLY: I saw my doctor about this two weeks ago. He prescribed some kind of steroidal cream and told me to come back in two weeks if it didn’t help. It hasn’t helped. I’m seeing him again tomorrow.

This is on the bottom of my right foot. It itches like HELL. Just above Abraham Lincoln’s head you can see that it has a buddy coming in on the distal side of my foot. On the distal side of the abnormality is a rough-to-the-touch area that is darker red than the rest; Dr. Albracht says it’s burst capillaries from me scratching so hard (did I mention that it itches like hell?). On the proximal side is a raised, reddish area that doesn’t feel any different to the touch and doesn’t show any signs of scarring (that I can see).

Anyone know what the hell is going on?

You have been infected by the Myh-Goh, the Fungi from Yuggoth, & will soon shed your feeble Humanity.

Welcome to the Mythos, kid.


Any new disruption in the skin can be itchy.

This is a common location for plantar warts.
A skin fungus is also often itchy.

Steroids and/or topical antifungals might be a useful trial if warts are not a consideration.

The photo is too non-specific and in any case I at least would not hazard more than an offering of a couple possibilities. You’ll come back in a couple weeks saying it was a foreign body and none of the Dopers even thought of it. Bad for my Internet business.

Nice foot.

A penny?:smiley:

That looks kind of like a problem I have on my feet if I wear leather shoes for too long. The itching drives me insane and no amount of scratching helps it. However, over-the-counter antifungal creams do help. My doc suggested I smear it with antifungal whenever I get the slightest hint of an itch, and it keeps me well. At this point you’ve broken the skin and you may also need an antibacterial as well. Good luck, standard disclaimers, etc.

Is there any serous weeping or signs of tiny blisters embedded in the skin? It’s hard to tell from your photo, does it look similar to this?

Gah! :eek:

Actually, it’s on its way to looking like that, yes.

Dr. Albracht prescribed an antifungal cream and said that if THIS doesn’t clear it up, he’ll be referring me to a dermatologist. Here’s hoping this new crap works.

That is something that I get on my feet and hands. It’s called Palmoplantar Pompholyx, or Dyshidrotic Excema. I’ve had a mild case off and on for 30 years. Topical steroids like hydrocortisone help mine but there’s no cure :frowning:

Wow, now I know what I have. I’m gonna tell my doctor to sign up here, he might learn something :slight_smile:

From those scary pictures in yoyodyne’s link, it’s clear that I have only a very mild case and it only bothers me in the summer when it’s very hot and my feet get sweaty.

Stranger still, it only affects my left foot, and usually starts between the toes. Doctor prescribed anti-fungals have done nothing.

I use these little toe sleeves and they help prevent outbreaks.