What is this "Mind Control" device?

I recently saw, for the first time, an episode of “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.” This particular episode dealt with the HAARP project in Alaska, which is supposedly a testing ground for military technologies ranging from weather manipulation to mind control.

One of the “experts” who spoke on potential mind control technologies was Dr. Nick Begich. He demonstrated a small device, which looked like a CD player with electrodes attached. When the electrodes were attached to Jesse Ventura’s face, he claimed to hear music from within the top portion of his head, even though the device emitted no detectable sound.

(1) Is this real? What is this device? How does it work?

(2) Is this show trying to be humorous? In a later episode, Jesse meets with yet another “expert” in some secluded warehouse. Clearly, what they will be discussing must be done in utmost secrecy, never mind the fact that the expert turns out to be Alex Jones, or that the information he provides is nothing more than what he already loudly proclaims via all media at his disposal, or that the conversation is broadcast on a TV show. They must be trying to be funny, right?

No, these morons believe this stuff. Ventura and Jones have openly endorsed conspiracy theories for years. There’s no self-referrential winks or skepticism. In fact, Jones and his ilk bandmouth skeptics, to the point of accusing them of being government agents. This is real to them, or at least presenting it as real for profit.

The music thing Ive seen before. I think they use something similiar to a TENS device and stimulate the skin. You can buy one, its called an echophone. I owned one once. Its pretty silly. You can barely hear anything.


So it does not, in fact, bypass the 8th cranial nerve and go directly to your brain as claimed??

Damn you, Jesse!!!

Remember, a good tinfoil hat works wonders!

Or you can invest a little more time and money, for extra security.

A common misconception started by Them.