What is this musical instrument?

Here is a video of Jill Sobule and Julia Sweeney performing at the TED convention. What I’d like to know is, what is that instrument that Jill is playing? I’m completely stumped…it’s not a guitar, as such. It’s not a uke, as such. It’s not a mandolin, as such…what the hell is it?

Well, it’s not your usual guitar shape and it’s not a Martin Backpacker, but judging from Jill’s left hand positions, it seems to have six strings and be tuned just like a guitar, so that’s my guess - some other brand of small bodied guitar.

It would appear to be a Vagabond Travel Guitar.

(Here’s a still photo of Jill with the guitar in question.)

The only time I ever saw Jill Sobule was on TV a few years back. She was playing a Martin Backpacker that time. Until recently, she was the only person I had ever seen playing a Backpacker onstage.

Now, you’re gonna ask me who the other was, and I don’t know. A guy was playing guitar behind a woman singing. I don’t remember her name either. Sheesh, I’m no help at all.

Yeppers, looks like it to me, too.

Ooh, thanks! That thing looks cool.

Saw Jane Siberry playing one in concert at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, and was astounded at the sound she got from this tiny guitar.