What is this NYS tax form (1099-G) I just got in the mail?

Last year and half of this year I lived in New York State and paid taxes in that state. Now I live in Texas, which is causing me enough confusion with income tax as it is. Today I got a form from New York State in the mail. It is form 1099-G, Statement of Tax Overpayment (refunds, credits, voluntary contributions, and offsets).

The “definition” of overpayment consists of a list of what does and does not constitute it (any amount you actually received as a refund, etc).

It says on the form itself the amount reported to IRS, for the tax 2002, with my identifying information (name, address, SSN, and “files reference number”). It also says THIS IS NOT A BILL OR NOTICE OF REFUND.

So, er, what is it? I’m afraid I don’t understand their explanation at all.

It’s the amount of the refund you received from Texas last year. If you itemized deductions on your Federal return last year, and if you deducted your state witholding tax from your W-2, then you have to report this amount as income for this tax year. Otherwise you can ignore it.

Oops… I meant New York. :o