what is this painting called?

This is an easy one, I just don’t know the name of it. It has a bunch of melted clocks, and there is a tree and a plateau, and stuff like that. A lot of melted clocks though.

The Persistance of Time, by Salvidor Dali

“The Persistence of Memory,” he means. Salvador Dali, 1931. It’s hanging here in the Museum of Modern Art, up on West 53rd Street.

And they’re watches, not clocks.

Here’s a copy.

“The Persistence of Memory,” by Salvador Dali.

He and Picasso are my favorite artists.

BTW, you gotta love Google’s birthday tribute to Dali today.

Best Google Logo Ever!

And don’t forget the “sequel,” The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory.

And if you click on Google’s tribute painting, it takes you to search results on Dali’s name.

But it doesn’t tell me what I want to know: who painted the logo for Google? It’s wonderfully done.

Is today (5/10) Dali’s birthday? I wondered what was up with that.

Is the Dali’d Google still up and I can’t see it? Or has it disappeared now?

“Turn it on, Salvador … brutally offensive, but never a bore.”

I found a link to the Google .gif in this thread, Thanks to rowrrbazzle.