What is this (park in Lima, Peru)

There is a traffic circle on the drive from the airport in Callao, Peru en route to Miraflores. There is a grassy area and some kind of monument (no picture of monument, sorry!) and there are three dog statues in various parts of the grass. The dogs are wearing red backpacks. What is the meaning of these?

There seems to be a name of the park written in shrubs in the background of the picture I took, but I cannot read it clearly. I looked at Google maps and it might be Plaza Fanning or somewhere nearby? But I’m not sure. Nothing on Google shows the dogs.

Where is it, and why the dogs?

Here’s the picture

No idea as to why the dogs, but it is located at the Parque de los Naciones (Av. La Marina at Av Elmer Faucett). Easily found by searching for Hyundai dealerships and noting the Grupo Pana sculpted into the hedges. Seems the Hyundai dealership is a part of Grupo Pana.

I think the backpacks are used as a place to dispose of your dogs waste.

Thanks, everyone! It never occurred to me that the dog statues might be waste receptacles. It looked like some monument in honor of dogs!!! :slight_smile:

Roundabout dogs?