What is this part of my car called?

Because I broke it :smack:

2010 Honda Insight. The glove compartment has a little pneumatic cylinder/damper that slows the door down so it doesn’t just drop open when you pull the latch. I’m trying to find a replacement (yeah, I could just go to the dealership but I have a feeling I can find it cheaper online), but I can’t figure out what to look far. I looked all over Collegehillshonda.com, even found a diagram of the glove box, but that part doesn’t seem to be listed. Also, since the car hasn’t been out that long it seems that not enough people have broken them yet for it to show up on message boards searches.

Gas piston?

Could be a dashpot.

Air shock, air spring, air cylinder…

I think its called a gas strut, larger versions are used to raise the hood and trunk/hatchback on a lot of cars.

How about this?

18 77530-TM8-A01 DAMPER ASSY., GLOVE BOX 001 2010 INSIGHT

Except this one doesn’t have any pressure, the arm will stay wherever you leave it, all it does is dampen the motion.

Couldn’t find anything under dashpot or gas/air piston.

That’s it.
Turns out when searching for ‘damper’ it was there, but there were so many other parts with damper in the name I missed it.
Thanks again.

$8.50 for that part, wow, figured it would be a lot more then that. With the shipping it’s closer to $20, so maybe I will just stop up at the dealer.

If you didn’t break it on purpose, and it just fell apart on its own, it should be covered under the warranty, shouldn’t it? I mean, this is practically a brand-new car.

Kinooten valve?

He said in the OP that he broke it himself, but given the nominal cost of the part, the dealer might still fix it for free.

Ah, I missed that. Of course, it was buried way down in the OP. Or not.

But I guess it depends on whether or not he broke it while trying to take the glove box apart, or he just thinks maybe he opened the glove box a little too hard and it happened to break.

I broke it installing a something under the dash (Honda part, not aftermarket), it was my own stupid fault and for $10 I’d rather spend 3 minutes fixing it in my garage then making an appointment and sitting in a waiting room for 45 minutes.
It went like this
Unhook piston
Take out glove box
Install part
Replace glove box
Install piston
Close glove box
Glove box won’t close, wires in the way
Unhook Piston
Remove glove box
Move wires
Install glove box
Re-hook piston
Close Glove box
Glove box won’t close…wasn’t the wires, what was it?
Try to remove glove box
Glove box won’t come out (see what I missed?) Pull Harder
SNAP! what was that?

Dude…its a 2010 car…you didn’t break it…it just BROKE when you opened it!