What is this poster (art)?

At the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit I saw a poster that was a black cat, maybe standing on a box with a very wild look on his face. He was holding a ?red? banner up high with a word on it that maybe started with a “G”. I don’t know that this poster was actually Toulouse-Lautrec…I don’t think so. I GMAO (Googled my…) and I couldn’t find it. Anyone here know what I’m talking about?

On this page?
The one that says “gaudeamus”? Looks like a guy named Steinlen who specialized in le chat noir. 1890.

Ah, looks like it’s on the exhibition site as well with lots of info.

Yep, that’s it. I knew the first person to answer would get it. I had googled Steinlen but I didn’t think to do a google image search. It was on the third page of the google image search I did just now. :smack: