What is this product called? (trying to buy it on Amazon)

Sometimes when I get a big box in the mail, it is lashed with stiff plastic stuff.

I want to buy a quantity of this stuff, but can’t come up with the correct search term. What is it called?

Packing tape?

Packing strapping.

That’s what it it.
Strapping in often steel for pallets and crates for freight shipping. A high volume shipper will use a strapping machine like this:

Hey, if I can piggyback with a similar question… what are those black plastic buckle type of connectors called that are used to connect two ends of a strap together? They usually have two or three prongs on one end that latch into a receptacle at the other end? I have one that broke on a strap on my backpack and would like to replace it if only I knew what they were called and where I could buy them.

These things? https://www.amazon.com/Sea-Summit-Field-Repair-Buckle/dp/B00DG807ZQ

Perfect! Thanks!

And thanks for “strapping.” I’ve just bought myself a 300-ft dispenser box of it. Perfect!

How does the strapping stick together? Whenever I see it on packages it looks like it has been heat welded together. Do you need a special machine for it? It doesn’t seem like just buying a few hundred feet of the strapping would be much use.

There are kits and machines available for it too, which I assume a person who wanted to strap packages with it would want.

I just want to make a bunch of semi-stiff hoops to mark where plants are going in my new perennial border. This is the most cost-effective way I could think of.

And in case anybody doesn’t know the trick of how to open these, just find the “welded” joint, flip it over and pull the loose end. The “weld” will tear open easily. No need for a blade.