What is this seemingly gymnastics-related device?

Is this video, what is this thing with a ball on top of a pole, that is fixed at the bottom but movable in a circle around it, that she is dancing around?

It seems to be something used in gymnastics/athletics and I get the impression that I have seen it before, but I don’t know what it is.

Vox Imperatoris

It looks like a punching ball for boxers.

Also, I was in high school when the original version of that song came out. Tony Basil was/is my mom’s age, and now the song’s being covered by somebody who looks like she could be my daughter.

ETA: Hmm. Looking at the comments, apparently this singer is 30. Nevermind.

And how about a link? Looks like my guess was correct.

Hm, I guess that makes sense. I’ve never seen a punching bag like that before, only the long, heavy kind (not that I know anything about boxing). And the song came out 9 years ago, so she was 21, although she doesn’t even look that old.

Vox Imperatoris

I have one simialr to this: http://store.titleboxing.com/title-professional-reflex-bag2.html.

I think they assembled it wrong for the video to make a better prop. Normally the pole is rigidly attached to the base and extends up to about 4’ high. Then there is a ~1’ long spring & the bag attaches to the top of the spring. In the one I linked to there is another short rigid section between the spring & the bag. So all the bag motion happens from a fixed point about 4’ off the floor.

In the video the spring is at the bottom, between the base & pole. Makes for something better to dance to, but would not work well for boxing training. It’d be too slow & have too big a motion.

The only problem is I had to watch the video like 10 times to do enough research (yeah, that’s it), to figure out what the prop was. Took all morning it did.

The one she’s dancing around is designed for practicing kicks - I’ve got one like it at home that Mnementh uses for capoeira workouts. If you try kicking one with a spring at the top, you’ll end up taking the bag right off the pole.

Yeah, I found that out after I posted. So in that video, she is young enough to be my daughter.

One of the comments really cracked me up, referring to the original Toni Basil version:

“this song is like during my parents time the 60s or was it the 50s. it doesnt matter they r old and r in their 40s”

I, um, issued a polite correction :smiley:

Indeed. I had to go so far as to download the video, was well as view several of this singer’s other videos.