What is this skin ... condition?

I have seen two different people in the past year with what I will call a rather disfiguring skin condition. Their faces and arms were covered with hundreds of bumps from about the size of pencil erasers to maybe about 3 times that size. The bumps are the same color as the rest of their skin.

Does anyone here know the name of this condition?

IANAMD, but could be neurofibromatosis.

This picture of neurofibromas is only somewhat similar to what I saw.


So it could be neurofibromatosis, but it still might be something else.

OK. This is more like what I saw.


Your link comes out in Spanish on my iPhone. But I think it also refers to neurofibromatosis.

yep, the name of the link is "neurof " and has the comment.

“La imagen clínica es sugestiva de un neurofibroma”

I was thinking chloracne (disfiguring skin condition resulting from dioxin poisoning) but that’s extremely rare, and doesn’t usually affect the limbs.