What is this spammer trying to tell me?

This one appeared in my inbox today.
The subject line read: quart crusted cutaneous maraud thunderous

The body of the email only contained one word: Employable.

Now, I’ve tried to interpret it in many different ways but can only come up with two viable solutions.

I either have to be quart crusted, cutaneous, maraud and thunderous to be employable or someone thinks I already have those qualities and wants to hire me.

Anyone else have any interpretations?

You have a secret admirer that got a Scrabble dictionary for Xmas.

Follow up on it. I hear demand for people with a degree in crustology is pretty high these days.

I agree with Horseflesh…either that or it’s one of those “Lost in translation” type dealies.

Perhaps they harvest email addresses from people who can’t resist responding “WHAT THE FSCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??”

Might contain a small image that links back to a server they have. That would allow them to test spam filters to see what sort of crap gets through and what crap does not.

I think Lazarus7 is correct. They are probably testing an email list with the “bug” method mentioned, plus seeing what bounces.