What is this tool in my shorts?

I have been buying new shorts for the summer and the last couple of pair I bought came with a thin plastic (~ 2-1/2" X 1" X 3/32" thk) blade like instrument with 1/4" pointy saw like teeth cut into the longest edge. There is a 45 degree cut on one side of the rectangle. Is it for cleaning skateboard wheels of mud perhaps? Does it have a name? Can I fly on an airplane with one?

I have a tool in my shorts too. It’s dimensions are a bit more impressive and it lacks any saw like teeth.

Huh? Where did you get these shorts from? Is the tool attached to the shorts permanently?

You shouldn’t refer to yourself as a tool. Have you no self respect?

Got one at Kohl’s and the other at Sea World last year. Different manufacturers, but same tool. And one was tied to the shorts by cord, but the other was just loose in the pocket. They were advertised as boarder shorts, but it wasn’t clear if they meant surf board or skate board.

Does the tool in your shorts look anything like this http://www.evogear.com/productdetail.asp?pn=1823 or anything else on that site. (warning suitable for work).

Are you sure it’s not just a novel kind of swing tag carrying the brand logo?

Not really, both of mine are four sides rectangles with one edge cut at a 45 degree and do not have the measuring features that the one you show has. Also, mine has sharp teeth on it. Mine looks a bit safer to carry in your pocket, those look like they would hurt like hell if you fell of of your board and jammed them into you leg. :eek: I think that you may be on the right path, a scrapper of some sort.

It is definitly not a logo thingy, they came on different brands of shorts and appear to look useful. One came in a pair of Quicksilver shorts, the other in a pair of Point Zero shorts.

Let the Canadian solve this riddle. It’s a Wax comb for removing old wax from the deck of your surf board.

Hope this helps…


Yes, it kind of looks like this one, but without the fin key.


And here I thought that I had a unique tool. :frowning:

Every man thinks he has a unique tool.

Your tool is unique, just like everyone else’s.