What is this toy called?

There was a baby toy I had, back in the early '70s. It was a clear plastic container in a colored plastic frame with three different sizes and colors of tiny spheres. There were three separate compartments, each separated by a divider with different sized holes. Held one way, all the spheres went through to the bottom. Held the other, they were sorted out by size each size in a separate chamber. The frame on mine was dark green and I believe the spheres were pink, blue and yellow. What is this toy called and where can I find one?

I believe these toys are called “sorters” or “shape sorters.”

I thought sorter was correct, but when I looked up sorters I found only toys that had different shaped holes in which one would put different shaped pieces. Tupperware had a version, still does, one half red, one half blue, and the pieces are yellow.

Does anyone know the original manufacture. I saw the specific toy at a childs house even as late as the late 80s, but they seem to have dissappeared.

Did it look something like this?

That is indeed it, although I think mine was a darker green. I still don’t know that the company that made them called them or what company made them or where to find one. Anyone have any ideas?