What is this toy called??

For the life of me, I can’t think of it and it’s making me crazy. Bonus points for linking to a picture of one.

It’s a toy you see often at fairs and such, but we used to see them at Kay-Bee toys, too. It’s like a skinny, thick balloon filled with water. The idea is to hang onto it, but the balloon is cylindrical and as the water goes to the bottom of the “sleeve”, it slips through your hands. You’re supposed to keep from dropping it and enjoy the oogy weird watery feeling it has.

Anyone? I could have sworn they were called “Water Willy”, but a google search on that shows that it either was never called that, or they’ve now named an adult toy that too.

If you go to Oriental Trader catalog they sell those toys as “water tubes”
water tubes- Oriental Trader

I take it this is what you are thinking of?

The site I found that on called it a “water snake”, but I’ve heard them called many things…water willy, slick willy, water snake, slippery snake, etc.

You’re both right! See, it DID list Water Willy as a name. Water Tubes. I never would have guessed that. Duh!

Thanks tons!

You’re welcome. Go have a nice Sunday, now! :slight_smile: