What is this wacky gel-like clear plastic on cell phone display screen?

I’ve got a Motorola 193 cell phone. The LCD display plate is covered in a clear plastic that has a rubbery, gel-like feel to it. It seems to scratch very, very easily, but the scratches seem to “heal” over time. This sounds great, I know, but the display also easily gets little scrapes that make the coating look like it’s shedding its skin. All very, very odd. Is it supposed to be like this?

NOTE: The is NOT a case of my failure to remove the protective sheet of clear (or blue) plastic “Saran wrap” that manufacturers put on electronic displays to prevent their scratching during transport. I know all about that and I removed it long ago.

It may be overmoulded or coextruded with a ‘soft touch’ TPU- thermoplastic urethane elastomer. This is pretty common in automotive applications, although I admit I haven’t seen it on clear display applications. It is technically feasible though. I have coextruded clear TPU over PET for angioplasty balloons. This would also explain the delamination you’re seeing.

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If things get blurry, you can even buy a contact lens (apparently made of some soft material)