What is this weird looking block of land in the middle of Phoenix?

What is this weird looking block of land in the middle of Phoenix? From zooming in, it has a odd arrangement of roads, has pipes going into the ground all over, and it has at least 3 tall antennas.

Housing development in the making, like the plot of land due south of it and (likely) the one due north. The odd-looking tracks are (at least in part) where roads will go.

From the street view it looks more like a closed landfill to me. There is a transfer station adjacent to the area to the southeast.

The loop-de-loop business is definitely NOT subdivision roads. The loops are too close together and too tight to be practical to fit in lots.

The entire area outside of the “mystery spot” looks to be industrial/warehouse type. And that is not compatible with housing developments or schools, or even shopping.

I’d vote for the landfill.

I was thinking landfill, but the antennae kind of threw me off. May they were just using the land for something instead of nothing.

Using the Streetview mode, I found this sign. Looks like there’s your answer!

27th Avenue Solid Waste Landfill.

Antennae would actually make a lot of sense near a closed landfill. There isn’t much use for a full dump, land wise. But antennae don’t particularly care about the neighbors. It would be a boon to allow every carrier to set up cell towers!

I was going to guess landfill. If you look at the big white building on S27th to the SE of the land in question, some of the red 18 wheelers are carrying what looks like a jumbled mess of crap. If they enter the building there and exit straight out the other side, there is trash scattered everywhere around the exit. On the other side of the building civilian vehicles line up -almost all trucks carrying something- pass by dumpsters, enter a dirt lot are backing up and appear to be puking garbage out the back. There are a couple bulldozers there to smooth it out, a pile of TVs next to the dumpster behind the trailing bulldozer and a garbage truck heading north on S27th.

There’s also that large white sign on the corner of Lower Buckeye & 27th I linked to in post #6, which reads

Welcome to the
City of Phoenix
27th avenue Solid Waste
Management Facility


Yes i meant i was going to guess landfill but you beat me with the sign.

I agree it obviously a landfill, but that doesn’t explain the crazy paved roads due south of the towers and west of the blue, navy and green dumpster bin storage lot.

ADOT paving training grounds? Very poor design for holding dozens of backed up garbage trucks?

I can’t believe anyone would think of developing this land for commercially, it sits right between a decaying mound of yard debris and the largest collection of trashcans I have ever seen in my life.

Training area for garbage truck drivers? The paved roads are not connected to anything but the white building on their lower left and there is a gate to keep the public out but the garbage trucks in the lot can access it. They could drive up the upper right corner on the dirt road, pick up a dumpster and drive around the roads and place it in the cul-de-sac or wherever.

If you leave the lot and take a left, there is a strange parking lot with a lot of orange cones. If you don’t turn left but go straight through the first intersection, after the next turn I’m pretty sure there is a yellow school sign on the side of the road, and there are obviously no schools nearby. If you turn right from the parking lot, past the next turn are two small parking areas off the side of the road where you could practice parallel parking and the other style of parking.

There is a street view of a sign on W Elwood and S 35th that I can’t make out but I could swear it says “employee ???
(driving or training) academy”