What is with campaign offices falling apart but the candidate rebounds?

I remember when McCain in 2008 had his campaign staff resign en mass and it seemed like he was through; but somehow rebounded to win the nomination.

Lately I heard that Newt Gingrich lost much of his high level personnel who quit; somehow he has come back to be a viable contender to win.

Ok, I give up; what is with guys having their campaigns implode but somehow come back to win? I personally am mystified by both candidates mentioned above’s viability.

Campaigns live and die on money. When they don’t have it, they fall apart and when they do, they come together.

Well say that you hire some people to run a campaign. As things get going, you decide that they have no idea what they’re doing and start to get “involved” to correct it. They get frustrated because they think they do know what they’re doing and you’re just getting in their way. Eventually, it comes to a head and they all quit.

It could be that you’re a controlling butt-head, that they really weren’t that good, or that as the situation gets stressful, everyone starts to act poorly and think bad of everyone else. It’d be impossible to know what is the real answer. But at the end of the day, starting over again with a new team clears all of that baggage out and lets everyone set out doing their job again.

In Gingrich’s case, the way I heard it, he hired a bunch of top-level staffers, the sort of people that turn a lot of jobs down in every election cycle because everybody wants them. Then, when his staffers wanted Gingrich to get down and do some heavy campaigning, Gingrich took a month-long vacation with his wife in Greece instead.

The staffers figured that this meant Gingrich was not really serious about campaigning and quit en masse before their reputations got damaged by working for such a loser. Or maybe they figured they didn’t want to work for a guy who put a mere woman’s interest above their own – they are, after all, Republicans.

In any event, tres embarrassing when Gingrich rose to the top without them. Apparently their services were hardly essential.

That may not have been a bad call on the part of Gingrich’s campaign staffers. Newt got lucky that his turn as not-Romney arrived at all (Newt to Cain: Thanks for not being able to keep it zipped!), and so close to the first contests. OTOH, we’re seeing Newt’s star decline. He did not get on the ballot in his current home state - lack of planning and organization cost him there. As the top dog du jour, everyone else is attacking him, and it’s sticking.

As I recall the McCain campaign in the early 2008 contests held it together enough for him to win, and then the money started flowing again. That’s Captain Amazing’s point.