Will the loss of key strategists doom Trump's re-election?

I’m looking at the wiki link on Trump’s campaign staff. Stunned at how many staff members quit or were fired.

Steve Bannon made it to a WH job and got fired.
Kellyanne Conway has a outspoken husband that bashes Trump.
Hope Hicks appears still loyal but she got a money deal at Fox.
Spicer was communications director of the Republican National Committee from 2011 to 2017. I’m not sure if he’s still loyal to Trump.

I seriously doubt Jeff Sessions is a Trump supporter anymore. :wink:
Long list of key campaign Staff here. Is anyone still working except Kellyanne?Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign - Wikipedia

Trump brought his Apprentice persona and big mouth to the campaign. I never believed he knew anything about strategy.

His Apprentice persona has taken one hell of a beating since first entering the campaign. Trump’s big mouth is still working.

Is anyone left to strategize a winning campaign?

The new campaign certainly can’t use the MAGA hats anymore.

Wearing that hat can cause very ugly and potentially dangerous confrontations. Just ask those Kentucky school kids.

Assaults for wearing a hat. It’s crazy out there in America.



Earlier this month, 57-year-old James Phillips of Cottontown, Tennessee allegedly pulled a gun on a man who was wearing a MAGA hat while shopping at a Sam’s Club in Kentucky

The only thing that can doom Trump’s reelection is a competent Democratic candidate and campaign.

You’d think that wouldn’t be a very high bar, but you never know.

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The new campaign certainly can’t use the MAGA hats anymore.

Wearing that hat can cause very ugly and potentially dangerous confrontations. Just ask those Kentucky school kids.

Assaults for wearing a hat. It’s crazy out there in America.

It’s easy. Don’t wear MAGA hat. Don’t wear KKK outfit. Don’t wear Nazi uniform.

Doing so should not result in a violent response, but it does brand the wearer as an asshole. Such is life.

Can you ever recall a time when basic campaign symbols elicited so much fury?

I see cars with old campaign stickers all the time. No one gives it a second thought. Now a Trump sticker makes your car a target.

I’m certainly not a supporter but comparing a MAGA hat to the kkk is appalling. I disagree with some of Trump’s policies but demonizing the man is way over the top and dangerous. People can get hurt or killed in that kind of charged situation.

The new campaign will need new slogans and gear. A fresh start. There’s too much baggage from 2016.

“Old campaign number stickers” is a hell of a lot different than expressing support for Trump. This isn’t normal and supporting Trump is not akin to supporting Bush, Romney, or even Pailin.

Back to Strategy.
I have the impression Steve Bannon was very instrumental in steering the campaign? Getting the far right’s support? Breitbart News will probably provide support. I avoid that web site and don’t know how strongly their backing Trump.

Don’t know yet if he’ll be involved in 2020.
It’s true Hillary ran a terrible campaign. The Dems must pick a stronger candidate this time. The far left candidates means another term for Trump.

He chewed through campaign staff in 2016 like a pack of hungry dogs goes through raw meat. He didn’t appear to listen to them very often. He frequently undercut undercut their messaging in interviews and rallies. He got wildly outmaneuvered by Cruz during state conventions to select the actual delegates. (Cruz was good at getting his supporters selected as Trump’s pledged delegates. If it had come down to a contested convention that would have been huge.) None of it stopped him. He won despite running a chaotic and poorly managed campaign.

There’s stuff staffers absolutely must do to make things happen. He needs reasonably, if not highly, experienced bodies for that. There’s still a plethora of potentials to join the campaign for a while before they movie on. The Tea Party/Freedom Caucus part of the party has generally been his base and there’s experienced staff there that he can steal. There’s likely some of the rest of the party staffers that don’t necessarily agree with him but don’t disagree with him enough to turn down the money and experience of being on a presidential campaign. The house doesn’t pay for itself. I suspect he’ll be able to find enoughs taff to “manage” the same kind of campaign as he ran in 2016.

During the first campaign, nobody thought he could win. So I think that many of the heavy hitters were sitting on the side lines not wanting to be associated with a sinking ship run by captain Ahab. This time around for better or worse he’s proved that he isn’t just a flash in the pan. I think its going to be easier to recruit top talent than it was before. The down side is that he won’t listen to any of their advice. So running his campaign has got to be the job from hell for a seasoned professional.

I remember news articles just before the election reported that the Trump campaign’s state level organization was spotty. It’s the local organization that builds support & gets people to actually show up and vote.

Clear indication that it wasn’t being run professionally. Didn’t help that the candidate ignored advice and constantly went off script.

I’m still perplexed how he still won in 2016. The next campaign will need to up their game. It’s going to be tougher.

Because Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate who ran a garbage campaign with twice the money. The fact that she lost to Donald Trump, the worst Republican candidate in modern history and perhaps ever. is so goddamn humiliatingly embarrassing, I’m frankly surprised she didn’t kill commit ritual suicide right then and there.

That said, barring any unforeseen circumstances (which seem to be happening on a daily basis), I think it will be easier for Trump to win in 2020 than 2016. He has a lot more money now, the Russia fiasco looks like it could be a political win for him, the economy is good, incumbents generally have an advantage, and every democratic candidate seems to be in a race to see who can be farthest to the left. Not looking like a great recipe but a lot can change in 2 years.