What is worth splurging on?

A national financial columnist, Rob Carrick, wrote a column today about things worth paying extra money for. I kind of liked it. His list includes bedsheets, headphones, garbage bags, living alone, a good backpack, paying for movers, recharging cables with long cords, bourbon, quality basic coffee, fewer but better vacations and a good winter jacket.

Hard to argue with that. Any other suggestions?

Firearms, meat cleavers and motorcycles.

Lawn mowing. But I’ll do my own moving and skip the coffee altogether, thank you.

We decided a couple of years ago to attend less MLB and NFL games, but get better tickets. It’s worth it. Great seats make a big difference.

We also splurge on first class airfare for longer flights.

and Champagne. Always get the good stuff.

Amen. Possible only because I fly so seldom.

Really comfortable well-made shoes.

Toilet paper. No reason to search for the cheapest or best deal. Figure out what your tushy likes and stay loyal to that kind!

Work boots and basically anything that makes you more comfortable working and sleeping. A lot of people will invest a lot of money into lounging and recreation but begrudgingly spend money on things that would help them when working or sleeping.

Food. Everything else is transitory, materialist nonsense and everyone betrays. But a good lamb shoulder will stay with you and comfort you, forever. You can *trust *food.

Staying in small vacation homes as opposed to hotels. The privacy, peace and quiet, and comfort is worth every penny. No more screaming partying drunkfest hotels for me!

Prime cut steaks (especially ribeyes)

My employer gave me a set of high end stainless steal - copper lined pots and pans for my 25th anniversary. Had I’d known how much I was going to love them, I would have been willing to pay $1500 or however much they cost.

Escargot. Season ski pass.

If you drive in cold climates: All wheel drive, heated seats, heated steering wheel, remote start. It magically turns winter from intolerable to tolerable.

Tools, knives, cookware. The list could get quite long.

Underwear. They must be comfy or I won’t wear them long.
Victoria’s Secret is: beck won’t be shopping there.
High cost doesn’t equal good quality.
Socks without toe seams.
I’m really not the splurging type.

Firearms, knives, motorcycles, and wine.

Theater subscriptions.

Coffee, beer, ketchup, peanut butter, and TP.

What’s funny about these threads is that what is one person’s splurge is someone else’s parsimony. Bedsheets are a great example: depending on how you were raised, you might feel like the $75 set are a great indulgence–but to someone else, those are cheap sheets, and the $300 ones are an indulgence. One person stays in a Holiday Inn Express and tells their friends, “I know I could have stayed somewhere cheaper, but I think the safety is worth the cost!” and someone else is saying “When I am just spending the night on the road, I stay at Holiday Inn Express because all I need is a bed and a shower”.

I think a decent cell phone is worth it. Not the latest model and not every year or even every other year, but a decent brand. Data, too. I also drink decent coffee and buy good ink pens.

Sauces and condiments. They go a long way and the good stuff doesn’t cost much more than the rubbish.