What is wrong with my browser settings? Why can't I log into some sites?

I recently had to scrub my hard drive and start from scratch on my home PC. I have a copy of IE5 – and it’s not working very well for me. I know that it was generally considered one of the worst of the recent IE releases. I am going to download IE6 soon, but this is still bugging me.

It seems like I am having a problem with cookies, because when I try to log into certain sites (webmail, online banking, etc) it will not let me – or as soon as I submit my login/PW I an redirected to logout page. Now, keep in mind that some sites that use cookies it will work fine with (SDMB, for example). I have both disk-saved and session cookies set to “enable”, my security setting are all defaulted to medium and I have skimmed most of the settings under tools–>internet options and nothing looks unusual (although I must admit that I am not up to speed on everything under the “advanced” tab).

Anyone have any clue as to why I can’t log into some sites?

Thanks in advance.

This is just a shot in the dark, but it might be a problem with the level of encryption your browser supports. You mentioned online banking, which would require at least 128 SSL encryption. I would suggest either upgrading to IE6 or looking for an encryption pack on Microsoft’s website.

the problem i think is that you have previous cookies that are screwing up your login…

delete all cookies and try again.
you should be able to login.

Another setting to check is scripts. If disabled (my usual setting), some sites won’t let you in. Some tell you why; most don’t.

Free-ish cookie managers: download.com search for ‘cookie’

well, after some more tooling around, no luck. Scripts are enabled, I wiped out my cookie file and clean, and I downloaded IE6 (128bit encr.) , and I am still getting the same results.

Any other insight?

Exactly which sites can you not login to? Are you getting any error messages? Try this: Delete your browser’s cookies and files, then open the browser and try to login to a site that has failed before. As soon as it fails, check your Temporary Internet Files folder and see if any cookies show up.

Start:settings:control panel:internet settings

Look around there & make sure that you didn’t set the security too high.

When I try to log into mail.com, I enter login / PW , and as soon as I submit I am being redirected to the logout screen. Can login in with no problems at work.

When I try to log onto my online banking, the screen redraws, and it says that " I am not enrolled for online banking" , while the same login works fine from my PC at work.

Security is set at medium.