What is wrong with XP's audio CD burner?

I burned an audio CD using XP’s default Media Player program. It works, though sometimes at the end the CD player in my car takes a few seconds to fine the last couple of tracks.

I tried burning a couple more audio CD’s but for some reason my car’s CD player won’t recognize it even though I made sure they’re from the same batch of blank CD’s and are all .wav files and under the 700 MB limit. This isn’t the first time this has happened when I’m trying to make some CD’s to listen to in the car.

What is wrong with XP that I’m getting a 50% fail rate on CD’s I’m burning? It can’t be the DVD/CD-ROM drive itself, I’ve tried this on 2 computers. It can’t be the disc, since they are from the same batch. I don’t think its the files either, since they are proper .wav files that CD players usually recognize. So what the hell’s going on?

First off, the files arent .wav format. What CD authoring software does is convert it to the Red Book format, which isnt an fat32 partition full of wave files but its own specific format.

>It can’t be the disc, since they are from the same batch.

Sure it can. Car stereo systems reading burnt CDs has been a problem thats only usually solved by getting a car stereo thats rated to handle burnt CDs. Some people have better luck with CD-RWs for some reason, but its still a crapshoot. I would first verify that the CDs can be played as audio CDs in the computer. If so its a media/crappy car stereo issue, not a windows burner issue.

FWIW, I burn a new CD each week (granted, I’m burning MP3s to a data disk rather than burning a Red Book CD), and have been for going on 4 years now, and don’t think I’ve burned more than 3 coasters in all that time. XP’s CD burning is pretty robust, IMHO.

Can a stack of blank CD’s go bad if you just leave them alone for a long time? I think I’ve had these for 2+ years…