WAVs on CD

Will all CD players read WAV format? I have made several CDs and one of my CD players will not read the disk. I do not know if this is a problem I have created in burning the disk or if the player just does not recognize the format.
I am creating CDs of my pastor’s sermons and not copyrighted music just so all will know that there is no illegal intent.

No, not all will. Some only read CD Audio(.CDA), the same CD format that is on a CD you buy from a record store. If you’re burning CD’s from a computer choose CD audio rather than CD.wav or CD.mp3.

The most common reason some CD players won’t recognize a CDR is that the CDR was burnt “track at once” rather than “disc at once”. I always burn “disc at once” for this and many other great reasons. (E.g., getting rid of the gap between songs.) This also means I never have to worry about closing a disc. Which could also be your problem.

Another common reason is that some CD players can’t handle certain types of CDRs. Issues of colors, dye types, laser strength and all that. Try another brand.

And then there are players that can’t handle CDs over a certain length. And a host of other issues.