What is your area's nickname?

Inspired by this thread, what is the nickname of your local region? Here in Tacoma you can refer to this region as “west side” (anything west of the Cascades), “the Sound” (Everett to Olympia), or “the South Sound” (just Tacoma/Olympia area). When I lived in Spokane the area between the Columbia River and the Rockies was called the “Inland Empire” often in print, but never in everyday conversation. So what do you call your area?

“L.A. for ugly people.”

DC is typically referred to locally as simply “the District.”

It used to be"God’s waiting room". Now we’re just part of the Bay Area (not the good one on the west coast; the shitty one in Florida)

My part of San Francisco is called the Outer Sunset.


I’ve never heard this used in conversation, but from my daughter’s and her friend’s Facebook postings (students at the U of Colorado in Boulder), it is known as BOCO. Her friends at CSU in Ft. Collins live in FOCO.

Turlock was listed in The Guiness Book of World Records as having the most churches per capita. Nickname: City of God.

In the early part of the previous century, it had the nickname of “The Heart of the Central Valley” due to it’s agricultural prominence.

California State University at Stanislaus: Turkey Tech.(Foster Farms is a major employer here.)

The Twin Cities. I specifically live in Stadium Village.

Melbourne, Florda: part of the Space Coast.

Back when I used to live in Peoria, IL: “Armpit of the tornado alley”.

Valley of the Sun

San Jose likes to call itself “The Capital of Silicon Valley”, but I like “Valley of Heart’s Delight” better.

the triangle

guess where I live

There are two, really.

  1. MOV: The Mid-Ohio Valley

  2. Chemical Valley. You wouldn’t believe what 75 years of chemical plants will do to the air and water.


I live in Chicago

The City of Big Shoulders, The Windy City, Second City, Chi-Town, The City that Works, My Kind of Town, That Toddling Town, and the every popular, The City Where EVERYBODY Votes, and Often :smiley:

Hipster Central, Twatville, other such disparaging nicknames.

Hoboken, NJ, is the Mile Square City. It is also sometimes referred to as the 6th borough.

A few years back I was at a college type reunion, and I was talking to a friend from Long Island.
Him: Where you living?
Me: Hoboken.
Him: Oh, the 5th borough.
Me: That would be 6th borough.
Him: We don’t count Staten Island.

Despite continued efforts, “Metrolina” never actually caught on for the Greater Charlotte area.

When desperate, advertisers will sometimes refer to this general area as the Southern Piedmont.

The Inland Empire.